Our first annual Winter Solstice Celebration: An Evening of Curiosity, Illumination & Community was so special as we lit up the farm and connected with crafting, music, and sacred offerings to our alter. We were filled with gratitude as we end a successful first year of Driftless Curiosity’s workshops and events. We illuminated the darkness with everything we had – tea lights, twinkle lights, candles, stage lights, fire art (poofers), finger lights, glow sticks, mullein torches, and fireworks, but it was the warm glow of our community coming together that made my inner light shine brightest. When I tried to go to sleep at the end of the night, I just laid in bed with a huge smile on my face. I whisper laughed to Rufus, “I think I had too much yule”. Too happy to sleep…HA. A huge thank you to all of our incredible volunteers and participants, and a special thank you to Peter Cozad for capturing the night in these amazing photos.

We were beyond impressed with all of the beautiful works of art that came out of our solstice crafting area: wreaths, yule logs, swag, ornaments, figurines, and all sorts of lovely gifts! It brought my heart so much joy to see all of the natural materials we collected being used so creatively. The teenagers were even getting into it, and that’s an indication of success in my book. A special thank you to Rufus, who gladly collected a surplus of evergreens with me, Julie Joy & Dave X who contributed craft supplies, my incredible crafting volunteers – Aunt Karla, Brianna, & Doug, Nick, Joedy & family for serving drinks and snacks to fuel the crafting, and TJ for playing such lovely live music! You are all amazing! At the end of the night, there was just “craft rubble” and it was a beautiful sight to behold!

Peter Cozad Photography