Program Offerings

 Foraging for Spring Edibles 

Location: Keewaydin Farms, 15270 Haucke Ln, Viola, WI 54664

Date: Saturday, April 29th

Time: 11 AM – 4 PM


Are you craving that fresh taste of spring only Mother Nature can satisfy? Join us for a day on the land foraging for spring edibles. We’ll get familiar with field guides, learn about foraging safety, how to identify some commonly wildcrafted foods, harvest while we hike, and prepare a meal featuring the flavors of spring. 

Email with any questions.  

Limit 20 – Cost $60

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Gardening in Harmony

Location: Keewaydin Farms, 15270 Haucke Ln, Viola, WI 54664

Date: Saturday, May 20th

Time: 11 AM – 3 PM


In this workshop, we’ll dig deep into why no-till gardening has swept us off of our feet; WAY less weeding, easier planting and harvesting, improved quality and yields, and healthier soil. What’s not to love? Farmer Rufus will teach you how to grow more food with less work. He’ll start by laying the groundwork of philosophy and research and then take you through the step by step process of setting up your garden and making compost. We hope this workshop inspires you to grab your gardening hat and get your hands in the dirt.

Email with any questions.

Limit 20 – Cost $75

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Kinship with Moon Series

Location: Keewaydin Farms, 15270 Haucke Ln, Viola, WI 54664 and Madison location TBD (alternatively) 


May – Full Moon 5/5
June – Full Moon 6/2
July – Full-ish Moon 7/28
August – New MooN 8/18
September – Full Moon 9/29
October – NeW & Full Moon 10/13 &10/27
November – New Moon 11/10
December – New Moon 12/15

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM unless otherwise specified through email 


Driftless Curiosity is partnering with Nature’s Good Company to bring you monthly mindful outdoor experiences through the Kinship with Moon series. Colleen Robinson is a new Driftless Curiosity board member, owner of Nature’s Good Company, and certified Mindful Outdoor Guide.

“Guided time in nature, when we allow ourselves to be beckoned, helps us reconnect to an ancient and special way of knowing on the land. We can move from seeing a “wall of green” to exploring and appreciating the intricacies and miracles within that greenscape. Together with the wellness benefits we receive, this bolsters and inspires our resolve to care for the natural world”. – Colleen Robinson

Participants may choose to register for a single event or the full series.

Visit the link below to learn more about Nature’s Good Company.

Moon Photo Credit: Dougal Walker

 Hammock Forest Book Club

Location: Keewaydin Farms

15270 Haucke Ln, Viola, WI 54664

Dates: April through October


In 2023, Driftless Curiosity will be adding a new adult program which combines the peaceful atmosphere of the Hammock Forest with the thought-provoking catalyst of journeying through a book together.

The beauty of the Hammock Forest Book Club is that you can choose your own adventure. Once you join the group, you have access to read in the Hammock Forest for the season. You can choose your own book or coordinate with the club to select, read, and discuss a common book on Sunday afternoons.

The annual club fee is $25.

Members may choose to purchase their own books or check them out from the library.

Members are welcome to bring their own snacks and drinks.

We ask that visitors help to keep the forest clean and take their trash with them.

No dogs please 🙂

Email if you have questions about this program or you would like to coordinate with the club to read a common book.