Camp Curiosity


A Crafting, Art Making, Camping, Storytelling Around the Fire, Organic Food Eating, Water Splashing, Firework Watching, and Stargazing Extravaganza! 

July 15th-17th 



Each day will feature a choice of partial day workshops. You can choose one or move from one to the other as you like. We will feature nature based crafts as well as contemporary maker style crafts.


Light Art

Make an LED Totem

Design and build a custom LED totem to represent your camp, family, or tribe.  Using mixed materials, you will create your “symbol” (approx10”x10”) and illuminate it with programmable waterproof LEDs.  Your totem will mount on a lightweight pole and will be powered using a USB connector so that you can get power from a wall or a portable battery pack.  This project will allow you to solder and create the electronics from scratch. Prior soldering experience is not required! Suited for electronics beginners interested in working with basic electronics and individually addressable LEDs or people interested in making fun blinky things with light and patterns.

Instructors: Katherine Cannistra


Barn Mural 

You’ve heard the expression “paint the town” right? Well, we’re going to paint the farm and our barn is your canvas! Milwaukee artists, Tim Priebe and Brandon Minga from House of Rad will be coming up with the concept and outlining the peice the weekend before the camp and creating a “paint by numbers” type of interactive creation. You can grab a paintbrush and get into the zen state of putting color on a wall. Connect with fellow artists and participate in the making of this unique side by side community mural project. 

Instructors: Tim Priebe & Brandon Minga (House of Rad -Milwaukee)


Pyrotechnics 101

Learn about what goes into a backyard, pyro-musical fireworks display.
We will have a 1-hour PowerPoint presentation discussing how a fireworks “look” is choreographed and how the display is synced to music. Later that evening we will gather again to set up the fireworks and wire them to an electronic firing system synced with music.

Instructor: Dave X


On-Farm Pottery Studio

Step into the pottery studio at Keewaydin Farms. Each person will receive a handmade mug and tile which they will decorate in bright colors designed in the majolica style (applied with brushes, sponges, etc.) These will be fired the same day so folks can take their creations home on Sunday. The day will also include demonstrations on wheel-throwing.

Instructor: Charna Schwartz


Silo Mural 

Have you ever looked up at an old silo and just thought, “That thing should have a mural on it”? Well, this is your chance to try your hand at painting one of these giant cement cylinders that speckle our agricultural landscape. Milwaukee artist, Kyle Richards, will lead this community style mural by planning the layout and outlining the major features. He will give a short talk about technique and then check in with each painter about their contribution to the piece. So bring your painting clothes and a steady hand to help bring this creation to life. 

Instructor: Kyle Richards


Block Printing

  In this workshop, local artist, Natalie Hinahara, will teach you the art of stamp carving and block printing to create one-of-a-kind textiles and prints! You will create your design and pattern, carve a block, and explore printing on various materials. All materials, tools, and instruction will be provided, including paper and fabric to print on. If you would like to bring additional items to experiment printing on, please do! 

Instructor: Natalie Hinahara


 Natural Dyes & Intentional Flags

Learn about the plants growing around the farm which can be used as natural dyes including spinach, red cabbage, sunflowers, sumac, and more. We’ll teach you how to mix up the color and set the dye on squares of material to create intentional flags. Each person can intentionally design their piece of fabric, selecting colors and symbols which resonate with the meaning, blessing, or meditation they would like to send forth on the wind. 

Instructors: Joy Miller & Julie Hanson



In this workshop, we will learn about the art of embroidery. Andrea will take you through the steps of drawing a design, setting up your frame, needle, and thread, and stitching a unique design of your choice.  

Instructor: Andrea Muor

The Craft Lab

On Friday we will do three introduction courses to introduce folks with three different types of craft tools. Tools and supplies will include: glass working tools and supplies, a set of Cricut cutting machines, and a set of airbrushes. We will have all kinds of the usual craft supplies and hand tools just to make sure no one leaves without a basket full of crafts. 

Once those who have taken the intro course are checked out with the equipment the Craft Lab will be open for the remaining time of the camp for campers to make crafts using those tools. A knowledgeable Camp Counselor will be on hand in the lab to help!

Instructor: Dave X and (TBD)

Craft Lab

Intro to Glass Bead Making

We will learn how to use a torch, a stainless-steel mandrel and molten glass to make classic glass beads. Bead making is a gateway to other glass work and campers will find themselves making unique glass beads. We will make barrel beads, round beads and perhaps even some pendants!

Instructor: Dave X and (TBD)


Craft Lab

Intro to Airbrush

The Airbrush is one of the fundamental tools in model making, biker helmet decorating and sweat car decoration. And that is just the start! Bring stuff to Airbrush and we will show you how.

 Instructor: Dave X and (TBD)

Craft Lab

Into to Cricut

A cut paper card with fancy lettering, an etched acrylic light art plaque, a designer leather patch, and of course we will cut the classic vinyl sign of our choice. The Circuit Maker is basically the CNC machine for the home crafter. It can cut precise shapes from a long list of materials up to 2 mm in thickness. It can draw with pens and markers, it can emboss, cut stuff and it can etch. Frankly… it is amazing!

Instructor: Dave X and (TBD)

Candle Magick

Create a hand dipped beeswax candle while focusing on an intention. As we dip our candles, participants will choose from dried herbs to roll their candles in. Each herb has properties that aid in the intention of the candle. Candle magick is a tool that helps bring meditations and intentions into the physical world.
We will talk about the materials and techniques used, then have a dipping meditation.

Instructor: Jenny Hamje


The Art of the Bonfire

The Bonfire is a place to build community, a place to gather and a place for quiet contemplation. Wow, that is a lot of responsibility! Join us around the fire as Doxie Detroit and Dave X guide us through the Art of the Bonfire. We will discuss the benefits of a square fire, the design of art to be burned and of course fire safety. As a crafting project, we will learn how to make scented fire starters with herbs, incense scrap and wax. As the fire burns and the night stars brighten Doxie Detroit and Dave X will make sure all the Campers know how to make a Bon-Fire like a pro!

Instructor: Doxie Detroit


Star Party: Stargazing with an Astronomer

Gather around and gaze into the Driftless skies. Peer through a telescope or binoculars for a more intimate look at the moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Astronomer John Heasley will provide sky maps, use a laser pointer to give a tour of the constellations, and educate campers on use of binoculars and what they are viewing. After this party, you’ll never look at the night sky the same again.

Instructor: John Heasley


During the retreat, we invite you to camp on our 200 acre organic vegetable farm. We have mostly tent spaces available, but could accommodate a few campers on a first come, first serve basis. Visitors will have access to

Porta potties



Hiking Trails

Picnic Tables

Fresh Veggies

Fire rings

No Dogs Please 

Other Activities


Water Activities: Run through sprinklers, Kiddie Pool Lounge
Games: Croquet, Volleyball, Bag Toss
Farming: Play Farmer (Harvest Veggies/Feed Animals)
Forest Fun: Fort Building, Forest Apothocary (Make Your Own Potion)  


Night Activities


Friday Night – Bonfire & Fire Spinning
Saturday Night – Fireworks Show Synchronized to Music, Aerial Circus Arts Performance 
Sunday Night – Driftless Stargazing