Dear Curiosity Journal,

When the flock sees me moving toward the mulberry tree, they rush to my side and jostle for position. We have a habit of gathering under the branches for a snack, so now they know the routine. I pull down the boughs and pluck the berries, while they strip the leaves. Mulberries are a flock favorite around here. Rufus jokes that Cauliflower loves them so much, she even tolerates him petting her on the head, which she usually avoids at all cost. The goats use my body as a foothold to reach branches above the sheep, leaving dirty little hoof prints on my leggings. This shared daily feast gives me a chance to check on everyone without having to wrangle, capture, and stress them out. I can get a good look at the lambs, make sure everyone is looking healthy, and spend some time observing their behavior for any changes – plus, I love mulberries as much as they do, so it’s a win, win.