Dear Curiosity Journal,

Our mud boots squished through rain-soaked gardens as we harvested the 4th week of the summer CSA. Remembering the drought-hardened soil of 2023 makes me grateful for the precipitation. However, this is the privilege of the ridgetop. Our farmer friends in the valley are being wiped out by the steady showers. I’m shook by the devastating photos and videos of fields being washed away on social media. I watch with wide eyes and a heavy heart as countless hours of work are stripped from the gardens and carried downstream, while farmers can do little but ask for help. Water is an incredible force that brings both life and devastation. While I am grateful for the abundance from my vantage point on high ground, my neighbors are losing everything, and it breaks my heart to see farmers in our community take hits like this when it floods. If you can help a farmer who is under water by donating to their GoFundMe, making them dinner, or just checking on them, I know they would appreciate the help.