Dear Curiosity Journal,

I suppose my unspoken hypothesis was that all of the lambs would play together, and sometimes they do. However, the more common pattern is for Betty and Cauliflower’s twins (Buttercup, BamBam, Carrot, and Corn) to kick around together, while Joy Jr’s single (Judy) mostly sticks with her mom. Betty and Cauliflower are related and have formed their own little faction, which also includes Betty’s first set of twins (Birdie & Beauty). Joy Jr is part of the OG faction, which includes Pearly and Peter. Then two more clans were created when I brought on “the petting zoo” group (Ralphy, Biff, and Abigail) and the Jacob’s sheep (Faloon & Junebug). I thought that it would all be “one love” out there, but there seems to be a clear segregation among them. I’m curious if they will ever move beyond these cliques, or if these are their tribes for life.