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It feels like we’re past the critical stage of the lambing season, when all of the babies are born and bonded, and the mothers are bouncing back. I can ease up on the hours I spend monitoring and caring for them and enjoy the beauty of the new families on pasture. This week, we re-opened the large lower paddock, which has grown back considerably since the flock has been hanging in the back of the barn and front pasture. Having consistent rain has transformed our grasslands considerably from last year’s drought, when it felt like the pastures never fully recovered from being grazed. The grass is so tall now that the lambs get a little bit lost and start crying for their mommies when they disappear into the sea of green. The long dewy grass gives their wool a good wash and the group lounges in the shade of the mulberry trees, contentedly chewing their cud. It’s a pastoral delight to witness, a ready pick-me-up, a wholesome hit of happiness.


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