Dear Curiosity Journal,

This Tuesday was the first pack out of our summer CSA program. One of the beauties of the Community Supported Agriculture model is that it allows farmers to harvest and pack an offering of what is available from the farm on a weekly basis. This week, we are coming to the end of our first wave of carrots and salad turnips, so we decided to put together a small mixed bundle of the two. Unfortunately, we had so few of each that the numbers worked out to one carrot and two turnips. I counted everything up and started bundling without thinking much of it until Rufus looked over and burst out laughing. I couldn’t figure out why and he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t tell me why, just pointed at the bundle. I looked at what I held in my hand and suddenly realized the phallic nature of the bunch. “Oh my god! We can’t pack this!” but Rufus insisted that we had to. I searched my mind for another way to arrange the vegetables, but there was no way around it, and I couldn’t unsee it. So, every time I put together a particularly hilarious pairing, I held it up to show Rufus and we cracked up laughing, like a couple of totally immature middle schoolers. Well, if you get an inappropriate bundle in your box this week, I apologize in advance. It happened organically.