Dear Curiosity Journal,

We’re on maternity watch here at Keewaydin as we near the due date for our ewes. According to the gestation calculator (measuring a 147 day gestation period), our range of lambing dates is from May 22nd through June 12th, with an expected due date of May 31st. I’ve been supplementing the mamas with rolled barley and calcium to support lamb growth and milk production. I’ve also given them an injection of selenium, administered the CD&T vaccination, and stocked up on long gloves and colostrum. Betty Lou Ewe is already “bagging up” and looks like she is about to pop, so we’re guessing that she has multiples and will deliver earlier. I’m pretty sure these ladies are tired of me snooping around their undercarriage, lifting up their udders, and looking under their tails, but I want to be ready to assist if needed when the lambs make their way into the world.