Dear Curiosity Journal,

On Tuesday, Rufus and I packed the third box of the spring CSA shares. We harvested green garlic, rhubarb, salad turnips, radishes, ramps, watercress, salad mix, arugula, dill, and pak choy – a springtime smorgasbord of flavors from the greenhouses, local streams and woodlands. I set a steady pace of washing and packing, while Rufus ran around harvesting the wildcrafted items (ramps and watercress). I love to see how much he enjoys these little off-farm harvest expeditions, his chance to put his feet in the water and slip into a quiet woodland wonderland. He reminds me of a school boy excited to go on a field trip, fully in his element. Although harvest days are a lot of physical work, they are also filled with the colors, flavors, scents, and scenes that give us life.