Dear Curiosity Journal,

What better way to celebrate a quaint March snowstorm than firing up the sauna? Of course, if it were finished, that would indeed be better. I swear, one day, we’re going to complete this building! Rufus and I joke that my sure fire way to guarantee a project gets wrapped up is to schedule an event around it, giving ourselves a hard accountability deadline. So that’s exactly what I did. We usually drop sauna workdays from the schedule once spring hits, but now that it will be featured in a September event, the construction workdays are still on. I’m super excited about the upcoming collaboration with Wild Rose Natural Medicine and will be able to share more details soon. Friday we finished hanging the drywall (except for the ceiling) and worked on putting up the siding. While assisting Rufus, I envisioned where I could plant flowers to highlight the landscape. It’s time to bring our wellness area to life.