Dear Curiosity Journal,

The Marbleseed Organic Farming Conference was a flurry of discovery and connection that filled us to the brim with inspiration and enthusiasm for the coming season. We’re so fortunate to have this opportunity to gather and learn from each other. Organic farmers are a fascinating faction of society who hold an abundance of wisdom and hands-on experience with Mother Earth. I’m honored to share space with women like Harriet Behar, Jane Hawley Stevens, Shelly Connor, and everyone who gathered for the Wisconsin Women in Conservation “In Her Boots” Round Table. When I attended my first Marbleseed (then MOSES) Conference in 2020 (right before everything shut down), Jane Hawley Stevens, founder of Four Elements Organic Herbals, was awarded Farmer of the Year. I was inspired by her work, and her presentation about growing herbs kindled my curiosity. This year, I learned even more at the Organic University session Jane and Harriet presented on “Organic Medicinal and Culinary Herb Production”. I was especially intrigued by the idea of growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers in sync with the moon and zodiac. I had heard of “planting by the moon” but the concept hadn’t really landed or been put into practice. Now I’m radiating with curiosity. I bought Jane’s new book, “The Celestial Garden” along with the companion calendar, and I’m ready to dig into this idea, plant some experiments, and observe.