Dear Curiosity Journal,

We had a super sweet Valentine’s Day on the farm filled with heart-shaped pancakes and making maple syrup. After breakfast, we hiked down to the sugar bush and started a fire. It feels like a luxury to have a tall stack of dry wood on hand. Thanks to Papa Rich, we don’t have to scrounge the steep hillsides for fuel. Rufus and I had midday meetings, so my dad agreed to tap in and feed the fire and sap pans for the afternoon/evening shift. We all came together in the woods at the end of the day. Rufus worked on digging terraces and building benches for our maple syrup classes while my dad and I tended to the boiler and told stories. My dad leaned over in his camp chair and put his hand on the forest floor and said, “Ah, I just love being in the woods” – and the sentiment was universal. There’s nothing sweeter.