Dear Curiosity Journal,

Up before the sun, I slipped on my overalls and bustled back to the barn to check the sheep. Upon waking, I was already wondering how the ewes were getting along with the ram, if all of the fencing and gates were sufficient, if the lambs were warm enough, if the water was frozen… Curiosity, duty, and care roused me from my cozy nest into the brisk early morning. I quietly approached, trying not to crunch the snow under my feet. The flock was nestled deep in their bedding. All was well. I stood at the gate and listened to the mellow sound of their collective breathing against the hushed hour and softened, pausing to appreciate the simple farm joy of content animals, then went about refreshing the water buckets. The activity set off a chain reaction of baahs, stretches, fleece shaking, and commotion. Avicii, the ram, seemed to suddenly remember he was among four new ewes, snapped to attention, and sauntered up alongside Betty. Breakfast, nor water, were his first priority, but I observed him long enough to confirm that he was eating and drinking. I reluctantly returned to the house to tend to my to-do list, but each time I crossed off a task, I allowed myself a little recess to check the sheep, just to make sure all was well on the first day of the romantic rendezvous.