Dear Curiosity Journal,

Before any coffee had been consumed, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, announcing to Rufus that today was the day we would pick up “Rameo”. He humored my hype and helped me make more improvements to the “love nest”, “baby pen”, and front gate. When I rushed him back to the barn after lunch, he said, “I like vacation Joy better” and I had to admit I was being extra bossy because I was so excited. When we picked him up, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He is so handsome! His registered name is Avicii. My initial Google search of the word took me down a bit of a dark discovery – a Swedish DJ, Sanskrit for “waveless”, and the lowest level of Buddhist hell – what a name for a sheep). Anyways, he was born 2/26/22 – a robust young stud. I was so curious how the introductions would go, so while Rufus went into the house to start dinner, I perched on top of a round bale observing the flock by phone flashlight. Avicii got right down to business, not seeming to mind the fact that he had been haltered, handled, transported, and plopped into a new paddock. He was ready for love and especially interested in Pearly, not who I expected to be the first pick. When I came in for dinner, I joked with Rufus that Pearly was going to have a ring on her hoof by the time I went back out. She had surprised me with her not-so-subtle flirtations, chasing him, backing up to him, nuzzling into his neck, and even standing in between him and the other ewes when he dared to approach them. After dinner, I returned to the “love nest” to continue observing this fascinating study in animal behavior, lingering long after my fingers got cold, feeling hopeful for spring lambs.