Dear Curiosity Journal,

Perhaps even more than I enjoy hosting, I fancy preparing for festivities. With a bit of persuasion, I swayed Rufus from his construction intentions onto my party planning committee of one. Since we both run our own business, with no other employees, we often work solo. Although we can accomplish a lot in our silos, we are a force of nature when we work together. I’m always astonished at how much we can accomplish, how deeply I appreciate his companionship, and the synergy of our complimentary characteristics when we work toward a common goal. There is an alchemy to our working partnership, which is unique to us, making it feel like there’s a bit of magic in our midst. We can be going about the most common task, collecting branches or building a fire, and there lies laughter, stories, challenges, solutions, and an intermingling of ourselves, a deepening of who we are to each other. It is a fascinating study in learning how to love. We built a sizable bonfire along with the community yule altar and a beautiful evergreen archway for the Winter Solstice Celebration this Saturday. We finished the day cleaning up the sauna construction site, so Rufus did get the chance to do a little construction at the end of the day.