Dear Curiosity Journal,

Winter is inching her way in and we’re getting incrementally closer to enclosing the sauna. Earlier this week, I woke up with a fidgety, eager energy concerning the sauna project being deprioritized. Building a garage for Rufus’s mom and making emergency repairs to our green building have recently taken priority on the construction front, and I awoke with a sinking sense that another winter would pass with no sauna. So, in true Capricorn fashion, I woke Rufus up early and before the poor guy could even get a cup of coffee, I earnestly insisted we commit to two sauna days in the next two weeks. So, here we are finishing the corrugated tin wainscoting on the outer side walls. While we put up the rusty repurposed tin, Rufus told me that when he worked at a lumber yard in Colorado, people would purchase new corrugated tin and apply a chemical to corrode the metal to give it a worn aesthetic. It made me think of distressed jeans. Suddenly something disheveled becomes fashionable and you can wear it with vintage confidence. I’m not overly concerned with the outer appearance because bone deep warmth is in style all winter long.