Dear Curiosity Journal, 

This weekend, we had the pleasure of harvesting flowers for the wedding of our beloved friends, Kya and Morgan. As our companions gathered in the fields to lend a hand, there was a lightness and a beauty in the harvest which warmed my heart. It was an honor and a joy to share these blooms, which have given me such delight throughout the summer. I clipped the SeaShell Cosmos, gave them a loving look, whispered into the petals, “You made it to the big show”, and laid them daintily in the basket. Throughout the ceremony and reception, I caught glances of our flowers hanging over the heads of the bride and groom as they said their vows and sitting at the center of the tables as friends and family shared a meal. I overheard comments about how lovely they were and observed ladies softly brushing the foliage in adoration. To behold the plants I’ve tended being so lovingly infused into the merriment of our dearest friends was a personal wedding pinnacle for me… that and dancing to the People Brothers Band, of course. You know I came to boogie 🙂