Dear Curiosity Journal,

We couldn’t be happier for our neighbors, fellow farmers, and beloved friends at Driftless Music Gardens for hosting an absolutely magical, sold out People Fest. What the DMG team has built over the last 15 years is an inspiration for rural rejuvenation, gathering community on land, and spreading love and positivity through music. The kindness, generosity, and kinship in that valley never cease to enchant me. This year, we had the idea to give away buckets of flowers to passersby, and wow were they a hit! We set the buckets at my dad and Monica’s camp with a sign inviting people to take one. The smiles, conversations, appreciation, and curiosity had our camp humming with happy vibes. It was so cool to look out at the crowd during the shows and see all of the flowers in peoples’ hair and incorporated into their outfits. Our friend, Katie, shared with us that Harvard University conducted a study about giving flowers away, which concluded that both the recipient and the giver experienced a boost in happy chemicals, feeling delight, social connection, and joy. I can confirm that it felt just as good to give as to receive. Thank you Driftless Music Gardens! Thank you People Brothers Band! Thank you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! And thank you Peter Cozad for this photo 🙂