Dear Curiosity Journal,

The notion of canning tomato sauce had been swirling my circular mental calendar for several sunsets and serendipitously cropped into my consciousness just as Rufus brought it up. I think we all experience these curious moments of someone saying precisely what we’re thinking, but these synchronicities have become so frequent between Rufus and I that I wonder how our coexistence will mirror the other’s once we’ve grown old together. Will he know what I’m thinking before I conceive it? Will I understand his ambition for tomorrow? Will we occupy the same wavelength and transcend misunderstanding? Or perhaps we’re synced up by the rhythm of the land, responding to Her calls and cues and reciprocating accordingly, in alignment with Her ask. We don’t always hit the beat on the same count, but when the magic of interconnection causes us to step together in time, life feels as light as a dance, as intimate as true love, and as wholesome as home grown tomatoes.