Dear Curiosity Journal,

The twin lambs, Birdie and Beauty, are at such an adorable stage right now. They’re venturing out further from Betty, experimenting with hilarious expressions, and trying out new moves as their legs get stronger. I love observing their silly antics and seeing their differing personalities develop. I find it curious how they are unfolding into the stereotypical white sheep/black sheep archetypes. Birde, the white speckled sheep is quite like Betty, very friendly, follows me around, tolerates petting, and eats out of my hand. She moves her head like a bobble head and has a bit of a ditzy air to her. Rufus calls her Bird Brain. Beauty, on the other hand, the black sheep (turning more dark brown now) is much more wild. She does NOT tolerate being touched and is very hesitant to eat out of my hand, usually running away before taking a bite. Her favorite activity is scaling vertical obstacles and launching herself off, twisting, kicking, bouncing, and tearing around like she pays her own vet bills. I often watch them jump off a half eaten round bale, and Beauty always takes it to the next level. I literally saw Beauty huck herself off the bale and land on her sister’s back with all 4 hooves. They are both different and the same, and seem to love each other best. I’m so grateful that they have each other to grow up with. One little lamb, just wouldn’t be the same.