Dear Curiosity Journal,

I’ve taken on the practice of weeding the gardens as a meditation. Similar to yoga, I engage in poses, breathwork, mantras, and cultivating a growth edge around uncomfortable feelings. Kneeling at the edge, my approach is mindful, methodical, and metaphorical. I envision the soil as my field of consciousness. I often face an overgrown and diverse entanglement. I breathe through the heat and quell the overwhelm. I pinch and pluck plants out of place which pull nutrients from the food I intend to grow. The somatic process of digging deeply to unearth stubborn roots, removing that which no longer serves, and composting them back to the Mother takes on profound meaning as I work through memories and mindsets. I channel the foundational abundance of the soil, full of energy and potential, into that which nourishes, and generates vitality. My intentions become more distinct. The middle path is better defined. Standing back, I see a microcosmic reflection of this ethereal phenomenon we call our consciousness. It’s a curious practice, but for me, it cultivates clarity, and aesthetically tidy gardens. Next, is trellising, that’s a whole other meditation, for another day.