Dear Curiosity Journal,

I just don’t know anymore. I’m having some serious doubts that the Babydoll Southdown ewes, Joy Jr. and Pearly, are pregnant. I went from believing Pearly was close to feeling like maybe it was my overactive imagination or wishful thinking. They’re still technically in the window of time when they could have lambs, but not progressing much. I’m so curious as to what is going on. Are they infertile, prudent, or modern ewes who shun the responsibility of raising young? Are they spinning a yarn just to get more grain from their gullible farmer? I just don’t know. I joke that if they are pregnant at all, they will probably both go into labor on Saturday morning as we kick off our biggest event of the year, the Creative Metalworking Weekend – pushing out lambs as ladies are learning to weld in the adjacent shop.