Dear Curiosity Journal,

Yesterday our special guest artist, Dana Albany and her partner Flash, arrived from San Francisco to set up for the Creative Metalworking Weekend. It was also the first harvest of the summer CSA share, so Rufus and I were running from field, to pack shed, to metal shop, to farmhouse, to greenhouse, and around again to get everything prepared. I was rushing from place to place with a bit of a frantic energy, cleaning, organizing, harvesting, packing, checking my to-do list, worrying that we weren’t ready for our famous guests, and that our space wasn’t good enough. We were still packing the CSA when they pulled in, but they were so enamored with the whole Driftless scene, that they couldn’t have cared less about all of the little things I thought I needed to achieve. During our evening stroll, a billion blinking fireflies lit up the landscape. It was Dana’s first time seeing fireflies. There is nothing I could have done or not done to bring that magical moment to be. I rest in the reminder that the land is the ultimate resource and She speaks for herself far more eloquently than any presentation I could ever prepare. Welcome to the Driftless Dana & Flash 🙂