Dear Curiosity Journal, 

I marked a personal record of baby animal interactions today; 2 lambs, 150 new chicks, 1 fawn, and 1 baby red squirrel. It’s giving woodland princess, animal whisperer, sanctuary vibes. The lambs, Birdie and Bitty, are getting more adorable by the second, chasing each other around and figuring out how to manage their long wooly legs in the cutest ways imaginable. Boxes of cheeping, yellow fluff balls arrived, adding 150 chickens into the mix of farm diversity. Balio came walking up the trail with a fawn following behind him, crying and trying to nurse. This happens a few times a year when the fawns drop. “Here we go again” Rufus says when he spots them. I put Balio inside and Rufus drove the fawn down to the treeline where he saw the doe. Did I mention it was a CSA harvest day? To round out the day, Rufus found a lone baby red squirrel in the chicken coop when he was getting the heat lamps set up for the chicks. We gave it some formula and made it a warm nest for the night. Sometime in between the first and second check in the next morning, he was reunited with his mother in the pines. It was full-on cuteness overload. Mother Nature has really dialed in the adorable factor to make us fall in love with babies! My HEART!