Dear Curiosity Journal,

While taking a break from planting onions, we leaned against the fence and observed the ewes. Rufus pointed out that Betty looked like she was “bagging up” (her udder is filling up) and we went into the pasture for a closer look. With a little help from my trusty grain bucket, we were able to examine her without much protest and noticed some distinct changes in the shape of her back end, loosening, swelling, and a new drooping heaviness in her udder. Until today, I wasn’t totally sure if the gals were pregnant or just fattening up on grain, but Betty is definitely showing some clear signs of getting ready to have a lamb. I remember when we dropped the ewes off with the ram, he coupled with Betty almost immediately. The earliest due date I calculated based on first contact was May 24th, so I think she still has a little ways to go. Rufus asked me if I had butterflies and I had to admit the excitement tickled me. Oh my goodness! It’s happening!