Dear Curiosity Journal, 

I was in the pack shed washing radishes for the CSA when I heard a loud BAAAH over the sound of spraying water and blasting music. I already knew this meant Peter jumped the fence and Betty was telling on him. I’ve been rotating the flock between paddocks and for some odd reason, Peter will only stay put in the front pen for a limited time before he decides it’s time for everyone to head to the back of the barn. The curious part is that he doesn’t wander off once he frees himself. Instead, he stands outside the gate, where the sheep crowd restlessly, seemingly suffering from separation anxiety. Then I open the gate and they all run back to the barnyard with only minimal guidance. Apparently this is their new routine and Peter is running the show. I suppose I should just be thankful he hasn’t gotten into the gardens, but I suspect I’ve just caught him in time. Thankfully my BFF “Betty with the Big Baaah” is a big time tattle tale.