Dear Curiosity Journal,

In preparation for the DATCP inspection for our rustic campground permit, Rufus and I drove around to each campsite and installed numbered posts to designate each spot. There is an official feeling that accompanies the placement of a signpost. Cruising along the mowed paths, we staked out 8 new addresses on the land, and curiously it made the property feel larger. There is no longer the vague sense of “the back 40”, but a map of hiking trails and 8 groomed spaces. It took a surprisingly long time to make the rounds, which stretched my concept of how much space 200 acres is. We continue to steward and shape this space with community in mind and hope our campground endeavor will create more access for folks to join us on the land. We officially passed our DATCP inspection this morning, so we’re marking another milestone in the books and getting ready for camping season.