Dear Curiosity Journal,

Our first CSA pack day was moving along with relative ease. The boxes were shaping up nicely, filled with layers of potatoes, carrots, green garlic, radishes, salad mix, arugula, lovage, chives, and dried hot peppers. We were ready to wrap it up. Then, after staring doubtfully into the box, Rufus announced he was initiating a last-minute add on. “I’m going to go down and pick watercress. It will round out the box”. By now, I’m accustomed to this typical water sign business. As an earth sign, I tend to be more grounded in the plan, while Rufus embodies more ease in changing the plan, and if the change of plan involves him visiting actual water, even better. After extended exposure to Rufus’s meandering river ways, I’m experiencing some erosion of my rigid riverbanks, and acquiesce without making too many waves. The stream was idyllic, and although cleaning and bagging watercress is a lengthy process, and he didn’t finish the packout until 9:30 PM, it really did round out the box.