Dear Curiosity Journal,

I was roused from a dream state by rays of light beaming on the pillowcase inches from my eyelids. I solicit the soft remembrance of my dreamscape; fields of flowers, blossoms bouncing to a light breeze, buzzing pollinators, all saturated in a sweet aroma. Before bed, Rufus and I had discussed flower planning while looking through the seed packets that had arrived in the mail. I fully awaken as the floral patterns fly from my consciousness and I consider the curiosity of concepts lodged in our psyche and rummaged through during our nocturnal head trips. I spontaneously recall another dream fragment, an anxiety induced vision of arriving at a Driftless Curiosity event, late, disheveled, and shockingly unprepared. Breathtaking beauty and heart stopping angst live side by side in my headspace, intermixing and mingling as I rest, and inspiring me to make the most of the daylight.