Dear Curiosity Journal, 

Rufus and I linger in the sheep paddock after delivering hay and examine the ewes while they dig into the new bale. With our hands in our pockets, we amble about, observing their shape and studying their carriage for clues. Rufus concludes with a fair amount of conviction that the Babydoll Southdowns are pregnant based on a visible bulge around their midsection. He wraps his arms around “Betty with the Big Hair” (because she’s too wooly to detect a visible baby bump) and reports that her belly feels “tight”. We wonder if she was too tall for the Babydoll ram to reach. Our rookie maternity exam does not yield any level of certainty, but floods me with excitement nonetheless. I think I’ll make a vet appointment soon to have them scanned so I can satisfy my curiosity and really start losing my mind with anticipation for lambs.