Dear Curiosity Journal,

Sheltering in the sheep pen is my antidote for anxiety, my go-to creature comfort, and countermeasure to administrative responsibilities. When my eyes go blurry from too much screen time or my focus wanders from the umpteenth email of the day, I venture out to visit the gals. Animals seem to live exclusively in the present moment and add a light effervescence to my hours. Lately, Cauliflower, our youngest ewe, has been cracking me up. She does these wild jumps with all four springy legs ejecting her into the air as she bounces across the paddock. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s also the first one to throw down aggressive hoof stomps at the dog or goats when they vex her. I’ve even caught her standing on top of the round bale twice. She’s quick to put her hooves straight up onto my chest, but also doesn’t really like to be touched. I’ve been attempting to pet her head while I give her grain and she bucks out of it every time. I can’t help but fall in love with her wild, quirky, ways.