Dear Curiosity Journal,

Snow blankets the landscape, tucking in seeds, worms, and insects, laying to rest the food sources for our feathered friends. Our feeder activity escalates from a flutter to a frenzy. Flocks fly from nearby trees to the landing of seeds and back again. I decided to settle in at the kitchen table to capture their presence on camera. I observe the patterns of each as they flit in and out; the courage of the Chickadee, the antagonistic air of the Blue Jays and Cardinals, the rhythmic drumming of the woodpeckers, and the subtle differences between the sparrow species. Once Mother Nature folds back this fair quilt and awakens the land for spring, She’ll hold a banquet for these birds far beyond what I could offer, and the birds will always choose Her feast, but today I sit at the window of opportunity (which I wish I had washed) watching winged companions in awe.