Dear Curiosity Journal,

After a lengthy stretch of computer work, I step outside and tune in to the daily decrescendo of the songbirds settling in for sunset. I close my eyes and listen for new voices. Rufus thought he heard a song sparrow earlier, and I saw a robin hopping around. I take a deep breath, inhaling the earthy undercurrents of the oxygen, and begin browsing the landscape for other signs of spring; cotyledon emerging from potting soil, rhubarb shoots showing themselves on the surface, and trees budding at the branch tips and bark-peeled at the base. Soon the snow will cover it once more. The old farmers say, “Spring will finally arrive after three snows on a robin’s tail.” No matter the weather, these grounding moments in nature restore my vitality and allow me to focus my energy. Without them, the hours of computer work would feel unbearable.