Dear Curiosity Journal,

I commence each morning with a cup of coffee and curiosity in the sheep pen. I’m endlessly curious about our little flock and enjoy observing them. I feel a certain attainment of animal Zen in the pasture, like I’m tapping into the timeworn unspoken bond between shepherdess and sheep. I freshen the water, add to their bedding, check the mineral, and watch for a bit before I begin the frantic business of doling out a few treats. Of course, they’re all staring at me searchingly, pushing their noses into my hand, and baaahing impatiently if I wait too long before I reach for the rolled oats. Then it’s party time and they jostle for position, stretch out their necks, and smack their lips on my palm. The three older ewes, Joy Jr, Pearly, and Betty Lou Ewe visited a Babydoll Southdown ram in December and January and will hopefully have lambs in late May or early June. I’ve been learning all I can to prepare. Rufus informs me that my curiosity may have crossed over into an obsession based on the number of sheep videos, photos, questions, and articles I throw his way. One evening while we were cuddled up on the couch, I watched about an hour of lambing videos on my phone and probably panned through every possible facial expression from horror to awe. Rufus, coming from a dairy background, remained unphased and advised me to brace myself emotionally for the possibility that it doesn’t work out. So… I’m working on that… I really hope it works out.